Booking Policy

Neoscapes’ Booking Policy

The following terms and conditions of Neoscapes’ Booking Policy apply to each booking you make with Neoscapes Maldives.

Neoscapes strives to ensure the accuracy of information on our website and in our promotional materials. The following Booking Policy sets out the basis of your contract with Neoscapes. Please read them carefully. They set out our respective rights and obligations. By asking us to confirm your booking, we are entitled to assume that you have taken the opportunity to read and accept these terms and conditions.

‘Peak Season’ in the Maldives

During ‘Peak Season’ (23rd December to 9th January), prices are normally higher than the rest of the season. There will also be additional fees for items such as Christmas Galas and New Year’s Eve Gala Dinners in addition to the accommodation package. Because it is the busiest season of the year, we strongly recommended that rooms should be booked in advance (minimum of 90 days), to avoid disappointment. The ‘Low Season’ usually runs from 16th May to 30th October.

Minimum nights

A minimum number of nights is usually required for bookings during peak periods, such as Christmas, New Year, and Easter.  Typically, this is 7 nights or more.  Exceptions are made sometimes, therefore do check with us and we are happy to discuss with the resort.

Meal Plan Options

Resort rates are typically quoted on a bed-and-breakfast basis. If you are travelling on a budget, we recommend half board, full board or all-inclusive options in order to save money. You are required to advise our personal Travel Consultant/Specialist upon booking of any special dietary requirements such as vegetarian or vegan meal requirements;  dietary intolerances or allergies such as lactose intolerance, celiac disease, nut allergies or any other food allergies such as shellfish allergies. Please also inform us upon booking if you have halal or kosher dietary requirements.


Some resorts are better suited towards children than others, due to their concept (sometimes solely aimed at honeymooners); the kind of facilities available (such as kids clubs, children’s pools, baby-sitting services, family villas etc) and also the design of the villas can sometimes be unsuitable for very young children, particularly the water villas. With regards to the safety aspects of over-water villas, it is not advisable for children under 8 and many resorts do not accept very young children in this villa category. However, some resorts can make exceptions if you sign a waiver. For this reason, encourage guests to inform us about the age of their children when making a booking. Our professional and informed Travel Consultants/Specialists will be happy to advise you on the best options.

Group Bookings

Bookings for a minimum of 6 rooms or more at once are considered group bookings. Depending on availability and the season, special rates may apply.

Room Availability

Occupancy levels can vary. Please note that room availability can change, and depends upon when you make your request. We are unable to hold any rooms on your behalf without a reservation unless you make a specific request to hold the room and then receive written confirmation from us that your room has been held.


The rates quoted on our website are per person, per night, in US Dollars ($USD), unless stated otherwise. They are only estimates. The final price you will pay depends on various factors including the season, the number of people, the villa category, the meal plan, local taxes and charges, and additional optional extras you may have selected such as activities and tours.

Booking Process

The prices stated in your personalised quote are typically valid for 14 days unless stated otherwise. Once you confirm your quote by making a reservation we will process your booking. You will receive a booking confirmation number, a pro forma invoice and payment receipt. Reservations/bookings are subject to availability at the time of booking. A written booking confirmation will be sent to you after we have verified and processed your payment. When making last-minute bookings, we strongly recommend you use Visa/MasterCard for immediate verification of your payment, since rooms can sometimes be held over for 12-24 hours (depending on the season and availability), which will be advised upon booking. Please note that all other accepted modes of payment (such as American Express, telegraphic transfer, internet banking, and so on) take 3-7 working days to be verified by our finance department. Upon your arrival, our Travel Guides will issue you with a resort voucher. We are unable to provide you with detailed cost breakdowns in our invoices.

Working Hours

Our professional Travel Consultants are happy to call you and discuss your travel requirements with you in detail.  Just inform us when the most convenient time for us to call you is. Our working hours are from 10am to 10pm (UTC/GMT +5 hours), 7 days per week. In case your personal Travel Consultant is off-duty and you need assistance urgently, you can contact any of our other Travel Consultants, who will be more than happy to assist you, on +960 781 8551 or by email on To help us to provide you with a swift service, please have a note of your reservation number when you call.

Requests for a Specific Room Number

We know that a particular room may hold some sentimental attachment to you if you’re a repeat guest. Or maybe a friend recommended one room in particular for the best views. The room allocation process can be complex and is usually done by the resort itself on the day of arrival, based on availability at the time of check-in. For this reason, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a specific room number upon booking, but we will always do our utmost to convey your request to the resort. The specific room category or villa category you booked will almost always be provided in the vast majority of cases, except in rare occasions of over-booking by the resort which we cannot be held accountable for. In these exceptional circumstances, the resort will strive to find a satisfactory alternative.

Check In and Check Out

The standard time for check-in at resorts is 14:00 hrs. (2pm) and checkout time is normally at 12:00 noon (occasionally at 11am). You will be advised of this at the time of booking. It is not possible for the resort to guarantee early check-ins or late checkouts in advance, as this depends upon availability and the transfer timings for the guests, which vary from day to day. Should you wish to arrange an early check-in or late checkout, please let us know so that we can make the request.  Alternatively, you can request an early check-in upon arrival and/or a late check-out on the day of your departure directly at the resort, which is subject to availability. If the resort is unable to comply with your request, they can often offer day rooms or access to day amenities such as bathrooms for showers and changing. There may be additional charges.

Late Check Out Charges

The following charges apply for late checkouts:

  • To keep your room/villa until 18.00 hours (6pm): 50% of the room rate (subject to availability)
  • To keep your room/villa later than 18.00 hours (6pm): 100% of the room rate (subject to availability)

Booking Amendments

Our ability to comply with your booking amendments depend upon availability. Any booking amendment will result in us needing to modify your documents for transfers, Meet & Greet services, vouchers and other related documents. For this reason, an administration fee of US$150 per change will be incurred for amendments requested after receipt of booking confirmation.


If you have significant allergies or chronic medical problems, please inform us upon making your booking. Many of our partner resorts have a doctor on site providing limited medical services. If the resort does not have its own doctor, there will be access to a nearby resort with a doctor. Our partner resorts are not fully accessible but some do contain some accessible features for wheelchair users – our Travel Consultants can inform you during your personalised travel consultation. Please inform us 7 days prior to your arrival if you require a wheelchair or additional assistance upon your arrival/departure. In the event of diving emergencies there are two decompression chambers. One is at Bandos Resort (15 minutes by speedboat from Male’) and the other is at Kuramathi Resort (one hour by speedboat and about 20 minutes by seaplane from Male’). If you are on medication, please ensure to bring adequate supplies of all the medication you need in their original containers, clearly labelled, as there are only limited supplies in the Maldives and your particular medication may be unavailable. We recommend that you carry a signed, dated letter from the physician prescribing the mediation, in case the Immigration officers at the airport have any questions.

Transfer to/from Resorts

Please note that on all transfers to or from Male’ International Airport you will share the seaplane or vessel with other guests, unless private transfers are specifically requested to us and your request is confirmed by us in writing. We will require your international flight details at least 7 days prior to arrival to organize the transfers accordingly. Please find below the available transfer options in the Maldives:

  • PrivateTransfers: When you book a private transfer to or from the international airport there will be no need to wait for other passengers to join the flight because the private transfer is exclusively for you. The seaplane or vessel will not stop at other resorts on the way, it will just make a direct course to your destination. You will also have immediate access to it at whatever time you requested the transfer to take place; no waiting around. The transfer can be tailored to your requirements, right down to the details such as the refreshments or snacks on board.


  • Standard Transfers: All standard (non-private) transfers to or from the international airport are ‘combined transfers’. This means that you will also be travelling with a small group of passengers. You may have to wait for the other passengers to arrive if they are taking a different means of transport to you in order to arrive at the meeting point. Typically, the waiting time is just minutes although very occasionally this can extend into a few hours if, for example, their international flight is delayed. We kindly request that our customers strive to be on time for their transfers, where possible, unless the timing is out of their control due to transport delays. If you are extremely delayed, the resorts reserve the right to depart and book you on a later transfer (additional charges may be incurred) to reduce the inconvenience to other passengers. If no other combined transfer is available, you may need to pay for a private transfer. Please note that your seaplane or vessel may make additional stops at other resorts en-route to your destination in order to drop off or pick up additional passengers. When you leave the resort, the time of your departure will depend upon the transfer departure schedule and will be in line with the international airline departures. You will be informed of your departure time the evening prior to your departure.

Payment Policy

For confirmed bookings up to the value of $US 3,000, we will require 100% of the payment to be made upon booking.

Please be aware that special payment policies apply for holidays during Peak Season (5th December – 26th January and 16th March – 15th April). During these dates we request 50% of the total to be paid upon booking, and 50% 121 days prior to arrival.

During Low Season (27th January to 20th March, 16th April to 31th April and 1st May to 4th December) for bookings confirmed 181 days or more prior to arrival, we request a refundable deposit of $US 1,000. You will then be requested to pay 100% of the invoice 60 days before your arrival.

For bookings 180 to 61 days in advance of arrival, 50% of the total is payable upon making your booking and the remaining 50% must be paid 60 days prior to arrival.

If you book between 60 to 1 day/s before arrival, we request 100% of the payment to be made upon booking.

Types of Payment

As outlined in our Payment Policy, we require an advance payment before we can process your booking. Our Finance Department will issue you with a receipt once the payment is verified and accepted. We are happy to accept several modes of payment:

  • Bank Wire: It will take 3 – 7 working days to process the payment. Any bank charges must be borne by the customer.
  • Payment by Visa, MasterCard or American Express: You have the option of making a payment through our secure payment gateway platform with the Bank of Maldives. Your payment will be verified immediately, and as such, your reservation will be processed straight away. Your personal quote is typically inclusive of any applicable card-processing fees, unless otherwise indicated.

Arrivals/Departures at the Airport

Due to government legislation, every hotel/resort requires complete details of all the travellers arriving in the Maldives. In order to make your resort check-in as speedy as possible, please provide us with these details when making your booking so that we can save you time upon check-in at your resort. Please also advise us prior to your arrival if you are travelling with several pieces of luggage so that we can arrange a personal porter.

Booking Cancelation

Any cancellations must be made by the person who made the original booking. You are requested to contact your respective Travel Specialist by email, with a copy to, or call +960 781 8551. Please ensure you quote your Reservation Number  and/or “Cancellation” in the email subject line, for clarity and also to avoid the cancellation fees which may be incurred. Cancellations or amendments will not be accepted by Neoscapes until they have been confirmed in writing. Some of the more exclusive villa categories may have specific cancellation policies attached to them, which you will have been advised of upon booking. A written confirmation of the cancellation and the cancellation invoice will be sent to you within 7 days. For any booking cancellation, a minimum of US $350 will be charged as an administrative fee, which will be payable in addition to any cancellation charges. Depending upon the mode of payment, you may also be liable for an additional 5% processing fee.

Cancellation Policy

For bookings during Low Season (27th January – 20th March, 16th April – 31th April and 1st May – 4th December) if your cancellation is received 45 days or more prior to arrival, you are entitled to a full refund after deduction of the administration fee of US$ 350, bank charges or a 5% credit card processing fee. However, if your cancellation is received 44 to 0 days prior to arrival, 100% of the total booking is payable.

For bookings during Peak Season (5th December – 26th January and 21st March – 15th April), if your cancellation is received 121 days or more prior to arrival you are entitled to a full refund after deduction of the administration fee of US$ 350, bank charges or a 5% credit card processing fee. However, if your cancellation is made 120 to 0 days prior to arrival, 100% of the total booking is payable.

No Show

No-shows will be charged for 100% of the booking