Why pick a Luxury All-Inclusive in the Maldives?

While in many tropical holiday destinations such as the Caribbean all-inclusive resorts are standard, in the Maldives they are somewhat more of a rarity. Less than half the resorts in the Maldives offer the all-inclusive option. Still, that means there are about 50 that do, so that’s plenty to choose from!

If you’re considering booking a Luxury All-inclusive Resort in the Maldives then you need to weigh up how you want to spend your time there, and what value an all-inclusive plan offers versus the typical full-board or half board options. Does your brain hurt already? Fear not – we’ve made it easy for you!

OZEN by Atmosphere

OZEN by Atmosphere opened in summer 2016 and is a prime example of a resort with an excellent all-inclusive plan. The resort is a chic little spot in South Male’ Atoll, on what used to be a ‘picnic island’ (an uninhabited island). The island, Maadhoo, is close enough to the international airport that it can be reached by speedboat.

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Highlights include:

  • A sumptuous champagne breakfast at The Palms (this includes international breakfast dishes, oodles of exotic fruit, cold cuts and cheeses)
  • Fine dining experiences at the International, South Asian and Peking restaurants
  • A fine dining experience at the M6m underwater restaurant
  • A selection of champagnes and whiskeys within the 15-18 year range
  • Large selection of branded spirits and cocktails
  • Over 80 Old World and New World wines

…and those are just SOME of the gastronomical highlights!

What’s more, there are tonnes of activities included too, including unlimited snorkelling excursions, complimentary use of non-motorised water-sports equipment such as stand-up paddle boards and canoes, one adventure from the excursions menu, a sunset fishing excursion and a spa or scuba diving experience for anyone staying four to five nights (that number increases, the longer you stay).

There are many more features of this amazing plan but those are some of the most exciting and best value elements of OZEN’s Atmosphere Indulgence Plan.

Why is OZEN’s Atmosphere Indulgence Plan such a great deal?

For a start, it includes a generous selection of premium alcoholic beverages. Many resorts try to save cash by limiting all-inclusive guests to cheaper brands (being as guests can have unlimited quantities of them), but at OZEN you have access to quality champagne, top-notch whiskey and well-known brands of liquor (not the cheap stuff).

Secondly, you’re allowed to eat at any of the fine dining experiences. Some resorts restrict all-inclusive guests to just one restaurant (usually a buffet restaurant) but at OZEN you have a choice of several (even more than we mentioned above, in fact!). And they’re quality restaurants. You can also have a special evening at the resort’s stunning signature restaurant, M6m, which is six metres below the surface of the water and offers aquarium-like views of the underwater world.

There are also very few limits on the amount of activities you can do for free under the all-inclusive plan, with the unlimited snorkelling excursions (being taken by boat to various snorkel spots) being an excellent deal. In fact, very few Maldives resorts are as generous as OZEN in offering so much for their all-inclusive guests. All in all, it’s a very good value all-inclusive plan that ensures you won’t feel short-changed.

How does OZEN compare with other Maldives all-inclusives?

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Constance Moofushi

If you like to push the boat out but still want a good value all-inclusive resort, then Constance Moofushi is a good option. It’s a beautiful high-end resort with a superb reputation that goes back many years.

The resort is nestled in South Ari Atoll; an area renowned for superb marine life and scuba diving/snorkelling. It’s even more luxurious than OZEN, and has many artistic flourishes that add personality to it. It’s fair to say this was one of the earliest design hotels in the Maldives, although it never particularly branded itself as such. It’s an under-stated type of stylish sophistication. Naturally, luxury comes at a price so it’s in a different price bracket to OZEN. But if high-end luxury is your thing, then you should check it out.

The all-inclusive package comprises of an almost-endless list of perks. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Large selection of premium branded spirits and international beers
  • Unlimited access to cocktails and Constance signature drinks
  • House champagne during meal times at restaurants and bars
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Celebration cake for wedding or anniversary
  • Cigarettes

The list also features some interesting entertainment additions for your villa (on request) including:

  • PlayStation 3 for kids
  • iPod docking stations
  • Movies on demand via Mac Mini system

In terms of activities, Costance Moofushi offers free snorkelling equipment and excursions for all-inclusive guests, as OZEN does, plus one boat excursion for guest staying seven nights (with more available, the more additional nights you stay).

Overall, there are slightly fewer perks than OZEN offers, however you will get to experience the sublime views from the seaplane during the your airport transfer to Constance Moofushi, along with private lounge access at the airport with complimentary snacks and drinks. The main seaplane terminal is pleasant enough but access to a seaplane lounge is a real bonus.

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Lily Beach

Lily Beach Resort was credited with being the first resort in the Maldives to introduce an all-inclusive plan. The Platinum Plan (which is for all guests) is still one of the most detailed of its kind in the country.

The resort is also in South Ari Atoll and as the name suggests, it is lauded for its powdery white beach, reef, and the colour and clarity of the water in the lagoon. It’s a little older than OZEN but has a similar vibe of affordable contemporary luxury.

This is another all-inclusive plan that starts with champagne, to ensure you feel truly pampered. But Lily beach specifies they’re offering the real deal (French champagne) rather than sparkling wine from another country/region. As with Constance Moofushi, they offer private seaplane lounge access too. The plan also includes, amongst other things:

  • No less than 80 wines from around the world
  • Four brands of cigarettes
  • One a la carte meal per week at the signature Tamarind restaurant
  • Dining at the buffet or a la carte AQVA bar
  • Unlimited spirits and cocktails
  • Beach-side coolbox with soft drinks
  • Snorkelling equipment and use of non-motorised water-sports equipment
  • Fitness classes such as yoga and Zumba
  • Two excursions per person

As you can see, it’s a generous list with a wide choice of options (these are the highlights). The beachside coolbox is a nice touch and it is one of the most extensive wine selections of any all-inclusive plan. OZEN offers a similar range of choice, although Lily may offer slightly more variety of wines and cigarettes.

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LUX South Ari

LUX South Ari also is in a prime position for anyone who wants to explore the underwater world through snorkelling and diving. In fact, of all the resorts we’ve mentioned so far it probably places the strongest emphasis on providing underwater activities so you can make the most of the natural beauty of the area.

However, it’s not a ‘diver’s resort’ as such, and LUX makes sure you feel a sense of contemporary tropical luxury; offering swish villas and excellent service.

Unlike OZEN, LUX isn’t a fully all-inclusive resort (there are several exceptions guests should be aware of) but LUX does offer a great all-inclusive plan.

  • Meals at the restaurants and bars, excluding the Japanese restaurant where there’s a 30% discount
  • Afternoon Tea
  • All-inclusive beverage menu
  • Poolside service and beach service at Senses beach and Lagoon bar
  • Yoga classes
  • Snorkelling equipment and scheduled snorkelling trips on house reef
  • Non-motorised water-sports equipment and land activities, including tennis racquets

However, several things such as bicycle rental and tennis balls are not included. Unlike at OZEN, spa sessions, diving and excursions aren’t included either, except for snorkelling excursions on the house reef.

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Kuramathi Island Resort


Kuramathi in Rasdhoo Atoll is a longstanding popular choice for guests of all nationalities. It may have been around for a while but the resort is constantly updated and refreshed, so everything is kept in tip-top condition.

Two of the best features are the fine sandbank at the tip of the island, that trails off far into the ocean. It’s a lovely spot to walk along at sunset. It’s also a sociable resort; so those who enjoy chatting to others and being around guests rather than hidden away will enjoy it. Kuramathi is also highly-regarded by divers, with one of the highlights being its proximity to the only point in the Maldives for diving with hammerheads. (If you don’t like sharks, don’t worry, because these hammerheads are only found around Hammerhead Point at 40-50m deep!).

Kuramathi actually has not one but TWO types of all-inclusive packages. Let’s run through the highlights of both of them.

Basic All-Inclusive Package

  • Buffet meals at a restaurant allocated to you based on the villa category you booked
  • High Tea
  • Alcoholic beverages excluding champagne, bottles of wine and premium brands, but including cocktails, spirits and liqueurs.
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • One hour per day to use windsurfing equipment
  • One Sunset Cruise and one Rasdhoo Island Excursion

As you can see, it’s not a bad start, but if you want more options for dining then the Select All-Inclusive is worth considering. It includes the highlights listed above as well as meals at other restaurants (upon reservation), house wine by the glass as well as bottles of wine featured on the Select All-Inclusive menu.

It is similar to OZEN’s all-inclusive in many ways, although doesn’t have quite as many bonus features.

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Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa

This is another classic resort that has been offering god value to families and couples for many years. It’s set in South Ari Atoll and some of the most distinctive features include the white-washed colonial style villas, in-villa PlayStations for kids and a shipwreck on the house reef that can easily be explored by snorkellers.

Highlights of Centara’s Ultimate All-Inclusive include:

  • Champagne breakfasts
  • A choice of three restaurants
  • $100 daily spa credit or three dives per week
  • One excursion per stay
  • Windsurfing lessons, non-motorised watersports, motorised activities including banana boats, snorkelling equipment
  • Tennis programmes

This compares pretty well with the comprehensive AI at OZEN.

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OBLU Select at Sangeli

This hip little resort in North Male’ Atoll also has an all-inclusive plan worth checking out. A new addition to the portfolio of brands by Atmosphere Hotel & Resorts (the same people behind OZEN). Although OBLU Select is a 4* Deluxe category resort, for all intents and purposes it delivers a 5* experience at a highly competitive price – making it a very interesting proposition in the Luxury All-inclusive Resort space indeed.

The Serenity Plan includes:

  • Buffets meals
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Two fine dining dinners at two restaurants
  • Unlimited branded alcoholic drinks and cocktails
  • One sunset fishing trip and one excursion
  • Non-motorized watersports and snorkelling equipment.

The AI plan is pretty comprehensive, although not quite as generous as OZEN but it comes quite close.

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Final Note

Your choice should depend upon what you want from a resort rather than the number of perks included in the all-inclusive plan. If one of your biggest worries is getting charged for extras when you check out, then going for one of the most comprehensive plans such as at OZEN or Lily Beach makes S sense because they include a lot of details. But if you’re just looking the get the best value out of dining at a resort and aren’t too bothered about whether it’s a la carte or not, then maybe Hudhuranfushi or Kuramathi would suit you.

On the same note, if you like doing a lot of activities such as snorkelling and diving and in addition want to get out of the resort as much as you can, then OZEN or Moofushi could be good options.

04 Jun 2019

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